Healthy Living: How to Live a Healthier Way of Life


Well-balanced individuals understand that there is more to healthy living than just diet and exercise. Everyone has a unique formula that works best for their mind and body, and understanding what works for you can be the key to success.

1.     Build relationships - Creating bonds with other people is just as important for your health as eating right and exercising. Friends provide you with comfort, challenge you and help you to stick to a regular routine.

2.     Respect the little things - Take time to be grateful. Focus on the little things each day, and what you can do to maximize the big picture.

3.     Remember practice, not perfection - Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Practice patience, and having a healthy balance between pushing yourself, and your recovery.

4.     Know your motivation - Understand why you do what you do, and drive yourself to success. The root of Motivation is Motive.

5.     Be effective - Learn to make the most of your time and what works best for your lifestyle. Busy does not always mean effective; sometimes the simplest things are the best things for you.

6.     Ease your mind - Take the time to observe your thoughts and feelings. Mental health is important and can play a large role in how your body functions.

7.     Take care of yourself - People get caught up caring for others all of the time, so it is important that you understand when it's time to care for yourself.

Each day is an opportunity to focus on where you are and where you want to be. Try something new, and learn what makes you happy.