Got Bills? Get Residual Income!

Everybody knows about residual bills. You know those bills everyone has to pay monthly: the electric bill, the phone bill, the cable bill, the internet bill, the rent or mortgage… yea, everyone has them.  They come in regularly.  And you have to pay them or they will be shut off. They are due whether you are working or not.

Now, Have you Heard about Residual Income? It’s that income that comes in regularly…weekly, monthly, quarterly.

It’s the income that comes in regardless of whether you are “punched in on the clock” or not.  That’s Linear Income.   Linear Income is what most people have…it comes from a JOB.  You trade your time for money.  Punch in on the clock, earn money.   Punch out, stop earning money.  Sell your service, get paid. No sale? No commission.

Residual Income is when you do the work right one time and get paid over and over and over again for the work you did.  Residual Income comes in even after you die.  You can “will” Residual Income to your children.

How do You earn Residual Income? I'm glad you asked…. 

Network Marketing.  It has been around for years; ie Watkins, Amway and then there was 5LINX. With the internet, your phone and a desire to succeed you too can create Residual Income quite easily.

Welcome to 5LINX, your one-stop-shop for all of your energy and communication needs and more!

5LINX is connecting and empowering people all over america and the globe through technology and innovation.

Committed to being in the forefront of the energy and telecommunications industry, 5LINX offers cutting edge technology and the widest variety of innovative products and services. 

Customers can benefit from a variety of services:

5LINX Energy - Residential and commercial in several deregulated states

Globalinx Digital Phone Service - Unlimited local/long distance calling for residential and commercial, including our exclusive videophone

Globalinx Mobi Wireless - Plans and phones from major carriers to fit every budget

Satellite TV Services - More channels for less money

Broadband, Internet and Fiber - Looking for residential services including high speed Internet, Fiber Video and Cable TV? 5LINX has fast, reliable Internet selections from the nation’s leading carriers. Get the best entertainment experience by bundling your Internet with Fiber Video or Cable TV from 5LINX.

Globalinx Wi-Fi Phones - Access for cell phone calls, email and the web

5LINX Home Security - Protect your family or business with land line, cellular or broadband connection

5LINX enhancedcareMD - provides a peace of mind and proactive solution to the growing need for greater access, convenience and reduced health costs. This is NOT Health Insurance but a Health Care solution that saves you time and money whether you are insured, uninsured or underinsured by reducing unnecessary co-pays and doctor/ER visits.

MontaVida Coffee - MontaVida isn’t just another cup of coffee. It’s a brewed beverage infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully in weight-loss programs. Ramon Seeds from the Central American Region are added to the beans before grounding, which provide a relaxing effect. Enjoy this smooth, delicious-tasting coffee, and know that it’s full of healthy ingredients to help you get ready for what’s ahead.


In addition to saving money on the 5LINX products and services you use, you can also make an extraordinary income as well.

The 21st century tools of technology and telecommunications is helping to grow our economy. 

Self motivated, leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and small business owners have a great opportunity to earn an extraordinary income from a healthy competitive free-market global economy. 

5LINX understands the immense transformative power of technology and innovation and how they can improve lives all over the world.

We provide training on how to build a profitable and successful technology and telecommunication business utilizing a direct sales business model with great tax advantages, no inventory, lucrative compensation packages, and other special incentives, all with a low investment.

To learn more about our business opportunities, watch the 5LINX opportunity video below and let us be the generation that reshapes our economy and families in the information, technology and digital age of today.

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