5LINX SafeScore Credit Monitoring

One of the most important things in life is what you have achieved. Credits are very important achievements in any ones life. Be it credit scores in your career, reputation in banks, reputation in the eyes of the people and so on, credibility is very important.

However it is not easy to safeguard your credits against malicious people or faulty systems. Your credit score could easily be, tampered with or even eroded. This is especially incompanies and institutions where credit scores are actually recorded and used in future when considerations for promotions and suchlike privileges are being made.

Credit score boards usually exist in some institutions like banks, insurancecompanies, credit card companies, government offices and such like institutions. All these companies have credit score records for each individual that they use to base their service delivery and privileges for certain individuals.

It is what is used to measure the credibility of an individual. The higher thecredit scores the higher the credibility and actually the higher the quality of life. For instance, if it is in the case of banking and access to loans and other privileges, your credit worthiness in that bank plays a major role. It will ensure for instance the amount of loan you can qualify for. It gives you an edge over the other applicants. If it is the case of promotions in a company,your credit score determines a lot.

Safeguarding your credit is therefore a very important thing though not an easy task all together. That is where safe- score credit monitoring services come in. The services are specially aimed for individuals who want to safeguard their credits but are vulnerable to manipulation by malicious people or incorrect systems. The monitoring service ensures that no one tampers with your credit scores especially by reducing them. Incase it happens so; the system has its own way of alerting the credit owner to act accordingly.

Service Overview

5LINX SafeScore is your credit monitoring solution for the credit information you need to become – and stay – an informed consumer. Credit monitoring is the monitoring of an individual’s credit report for changes in order to detect suspicious activity or possible fraud. Credit monitoring notifies the member of reported changes on a credit file, such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, and liens. Not just banks use credit scores – mobile phone companies, insurance companies and government bodies also use similar methodologies. In addition to monitoring financial health, suspicious changes on a credit file may indicate fraud. An individual needs to know if another person is acting on their behalf as soon as possible in order to limit the amount of damage done to their credit.

  • Validate your identity
  • Monitor your credit
  • Receive alerts when a change occurs
  • Single, tri-bureau reports, 1 report annually
  • Track your score over a period of time
  • Simulate your score based on hypothetical events
  • Real-Time Alerts
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