Darren Daily - Take out the Trash

Happy Monday!

It may only be December, but I want you to get an early start on your spring cleaning.
Here’s how:

Action for today:  
It’s cleaning day!

Go ahead and start with the physical clutter to feng shui your workspace.
But after, we are going to feng shui your mind.

What have you allowed to clutter your mind?
What’s using up your mental CPU?
What stresses, anxieties, worries, doubts or fears do you need to clear out?

Jot down one or two.
Do it now.

Then release them.
Throw them out.
Take out the trash.
They don’t serve your greater productivity.

Now let’s focus, utilizing all your mental bandwidth on what you can accomplish today.

Post courtesy of Darren Daily | Free Daily Mentoring for Achievers