An affordable option for your everyday healthcare needs

An affordable option for your everyday healthcare needs

The enhancedcareMD Smart Choice Bundle combines the benefits of enhancedcareMD℠ , 5LINX enhancedcareMD Connect™ and grants you access to the Smart Choice Marketplace where you can compare and personalize health insurance plans based on your own budget needs, heath care history and tolerance for risk.

enhancedcareMD Smart Choice Bundle combines personalized health insurance options, greater access to nurses and doctors and an array of discounts on services and prescriptions that will help lower your costs and provide better care for you and your family.

Choices for your care

Not sure if it's time to go to the doctor? 
Talk with a nurse 24/7 an unlimited amount of times and find out the most appropriate care for you at that time! If you need a doctor, you can access our physicians by calling, scheduling a video consult online and or visiting one of our 550,000+ medical professionals offering discounted care options to our members. 

enhancedcare's SmartChoices offers an array of access and savings opportunities that can improve your experience, keep you healthy and save you money.

Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 live access to Registered Nurses and Physicians over the phone, or through video conferencing
  • Save on prescription drugs through the Walmart Rx savings program
  • Access to dentists, chiropractors, vision care and more at discounted rates
  • Personalize your health insurance plan based on budget needs and health care history
  • Compare the most options in the marketplace to find the right plan
  • Purchase a lower premium insurance plan without the fear of being under-insured
  • Determine if you’re eligible for subsidies and immediately see the savings as part of the application process
  • Talk to a licensed health broker available for consultation and support with ongoing support for claims, payments and questions

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