New Approach to Luxury : Bentley Furniture Collection


If you've ever sat inside a Bentley, you'll know the feeling of not wanting to get out again. But as accommodating as they can be, sooner or later you're going to need a bit more space. Fortunately the British automaker also offers a range of furniture to make your home feel like the interior of a Continental or Mulsanne.

Inspired by the superior finish and design of Bentley’s car interiors, the Bentley Home furniture collection is an example of British elegance, with a touch of the British driver’s spirit. The UK-based luxury car company is renowned for its sophistication and engineering expertise, now reflecting these features towards a furniture collection, which is turned into a state of art.


All the furniture items including cabinets, dining, coffee tables, beds and seating units are carefully created, combining the highest attention to details with the Bentley’s famous style, craftsmanship and material selection. Several high-quality materials such as metal, veneers, leather and glass harmoniously entwine with the cutting-edge technical advances, superior finish and the latest innovations. The result is a high standard transformation of the line that reflects Bentley’s refinement and prestige, bringing a new approach of luxury inside contemporary homes.


Of course the new Bentley Home collection doesn't represent the only products the British luxury brand offers beside its own upscale automobiles. Through various partnerships, Bentley offers an extensive line of watches, pens, handbags, clothing, accessories, perfumes and more. It has furnished hotels, clubhouses, barbershops, and even a double-decker London Routemaster bus. Where the crew from Crewe still finds time to design and build cars, then, is another question, but for those enamored of the brand, there are that many more ways to express their enthusiasm and taste for fine British craftsmanship.


Photos Courtesy of Bentley